…..Charity, comprehends the whole, and the Freemason who is in posession of this virtue in its most ample sense, may justly be deemed to have attained the summit of his profession.

Over the last five years, the Lodge has donated over £30,000 to Masonic and Non-Masonic charities, including the following:

  • MMC London Fire Brigade Appeal Metropolitan Grand Masters Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • London Appeal for the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution £15,000
  • Metropolitan Masonic Charity Cyberknife Appeal for Barts and the London Hospital £10,000
  • 2013 Prestonian Lecturer (Royal College of Surgeons, RMBI, National Autistic Society) £1,000
  • Metropolitan Masonic Charity £1,000
  • Freemasons’ Hall Peace Memorial Window £1,000
  • Royal Arch 2013 Bicentenary Appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons £2,500